The Diary of a London kitten

Secam RIP

Secam 3 Aug  - 24 Nov 2008

Secam 3 Aug - 24 Nov 2008

Secam has gone to sleep. His head had grown abnormally resulting in him no longer being able to function due pressure on his brain. He would like to thank eveyone who has shown him kindness and love during his short life.

Secam is not doing too well

Get well soon

Get well soon

Secam is not well. When he woke up this morning he was not able to walk. He only managed to take a couple of steps forward before he collapsed on his side. He has gone to bed in his basket with a blanket to keep him warm. He hopes that he will feel better soon.

Where’s Mummy?

Where's Mummy

Are you in there Mother?

Tuesday morning Secam woke to find his Mother, Charlotte, had been put in to a cage. She later left the house and when she came back she was very drowsy. Secam found out that Charlotte had gone away to have her stitches removed by the vet. However, Charlotte being the independant female she is, removed her own stitches before the vet had a chance.

Secam and Henry-the-Vacuum

Secam has now met Henry-the-Vac

Henry has a big tail

This weekend Secam met a very strange and noisey creature called Henry-the-Vacuum.  Henry has a great big smile and what appears to be a very large tail. Secam has not seen Henry before so did not know what to make of him at first. His Mother, brother and sister did not take to Henry and they all ran away as soon as Henry started to make a large screaching noise. Secam on the other hand hid under a chair and observed while Henry moved across the room hoovering up bits of left over cat food and litter. Unlike Henry, Secam does not eat cat litter - he uses that for other jobs!  He doesn’t like left over cat food too much either.

Good friends

Good friends

Brother & Sister

After it was mentioned that Secam has been fighting with his brother Sam, Secam is concerned that readers do not get the wrong impression of him. Secam would like it to be known that he loves his brother and sister (well most of the time).

Meet brother Sam

Secam's brother Sam


This is Sam. Sam is one of Secams two brothers. Together Secam and Sam have been ‘learning through play’ or as it used to be known - fighting. Sam likes to dive bomb Secam especially when he’s not expecting it and so Secam is working on a get his own back plan which involves leaping on to Sam when he looks like he’s sleeping. All this fighting is good clean fun except when it isn’t. Secam makes no aplology for this as he undertsnds it’s all part of a kitten’s youth (just as long as no one gets hurt. Birds, plants and other objects excepted obviously).

Secam can climb up stairs

After a couple of lonely nights Secam has worked out that the reason why his brother and sister are nowhere to be seen is that they are having lots of fun upstairs.  Secam has not had much success climbing stairs in the past, he once got half way up but lost confidence and had to use his new miaow to call ‘help I’m a kitten get me out of here’.  Like all kittens Secam believes there’s always something more interesting where he hasn’t been yet and so he has been brave and tried climbing up the stairs again. This time he made it all the way to the top! Now he just needs to work out how to get back down.


Secam has just seen his mother again after her ‘adventure’ at the vets. She is very sleepy and shows no interest in him. He’s been developing an attention seeking meoooowwwwwww so he hopes that this will get him noticed again.  In the meantime he’s going back to sleep.

‘done’ tomorrow

Secam is apprehensive for his mother Charlotte. She is going to the vet tomorrow to be ‘done’. He doesn’t know what this means but he’s been told she can’t eat for at least 12 hours beforehand. Poor Charlotte.

Secam is tired

Secam is tired. He’s just come back from a trip to the vet where he was given an injection, a small worming tablet (which he thinks is doing strange things to his insides at the moment) and a nice man checked his testicles. He’s not sure what he did to deserve such treatment but he’s been told he may get to go out and see the ‘big wide world’ sometime in the future. He hope there will be food when he gets there.